1. Once Elite Adventures have agreed to take a booking from a customer, the customer is entering into a contract with Elite Adventures.


  1. Under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the event to be able to participate.


  1. a. After booking you have 3 days in which to change to another event or cancel your booking. If you cancel within 3 days you will receive a full refund. After the 3 day period we may only provide a maximum refund of 50% – but in some cases may not provide any refund at all. This includes altering the event participants and requested number of instructors. Full payment must be received within two months of the event start date unless otherwise stated. If full payment has not been received two months prior to the event start date then Elite Adventures reserves the right to cancel any place(s) on the event and withhold any deposit amount made to cover administrative costs. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation and curtailment insurance.


  • 3. b. Elite Challenges – After booking you have 3 days in which to change to another event or cancel your booking. If you cancel within 3 days you will receive a full refund. After the 3 day period you will be required to sign up to a minimum term outlined below.


  • 3. bb. Elite Adventures will not be held liable to any losses incurred if a participant is unable to attend. Once a participant place has been agreed with Elite Adventures, you agree to a minimum term to cover the costs of expenses including but not limited to: Accommodation, transport, staffing costs and other individual event costs which are unable to be recovered by Elite Adventures. Full cancelation after this minimum time is outlined below.


  • 3. bbb. If a participant is unable to attend their place may be passed onto another participant on condition the monthly payments continue. An admin fee may be charged at a fee of £5 to make this change. If a participant is unable to pass on their place and the minimum amount of payments have been made to cover the costs of the event then this will be done at Elite Adventures discretion but you may not be provided a refund of any money paid.


  • 3.c. A group booking can decrease in participants by up to 10% up to 61 days before arrival without incurring a cancellation fee. Thereafter any additional decreases in participants will be considered a cancellation and the following cancellation charges will apply.
    • Between 61 or more days before your event: loss of the initial deposit for each person cancelled beyond the 10% allowance
    • 60 days or less before your event (or failure to join the event): 100% of the cost for each person cancelled beyond the 10% allowance

    If you are booking a tailor made trip or a private event as opposed to joining a set departure/open group event then the price we quote you will be based on the amount of people you have in your group. If anybody in your group fails to pay any money due for the event or your participant numbers drop after paying us a deposit the price may increase for the remaining members of the group.

    The price Elite Adventures quotes upon booking is the total price, we may break this down into a price per person for ease and understanding. This is for example purposes only, the final cost of the event is based on minimum numbers attending the event.

    If a participant leaves a trip for any reason after it has commenced we will not make any refunds for unused services.


  1. In the event that Elite Adventures must cancel an event before the intended event date you will receive a full refund for the event fee. We will always seek a viable alternative if possible. We will not be held responsible to other losses (Accommodation, fuel costs, food etc) occurred to the cancellation of the event. Again, for this reason we recommend you take out cancellation and curtailment insurance.


  1. Elite Adventures reserves the right to vary walks or events from the specification set out in the Confirmation. This is most likely to be a weather dependent action. We will aim to keep an event as true to the booking as possible.


  1. All bookings are made on the basis that customers will observe the safety instructions provided Elite Adventures Staff. To ignore these instructions, you do so at your own risk. The word of the instructor/ leader/ guide is final.


  1. Elite Adventures reserve the right to exclude customers from an event if they are not adequately prepared , not fit enough or their actions will jeopardize their own, other customer’s or the instructor’s safety. We also reserve the right to exclude a customer if their attitude is aggressive or offensive. If you leave an event part way through and you and the guide are happy with the action, then the guides duty of care over you ends there.


  1. Elite Adventures accept no responsibility for customers’ personal property that may be lost or damaged during the event. This includes property left in the vehicle during an event.


  1. Participation in adventurous activities entails some risk of injury and death. All staff employed by the company are trained to run courses and will at all times proceed in a manner to limit the risk of injury. However, customers need to accept that accidents and injuries can happen. To participate in the event you will need to read our Disclosure of Risk and sign the Acknowledgment of Risk.


  1. In the case where the organiser is not participating in the event, it is the organisers responsibility to pass on all information to the participants (Kit List, Terms and Conditions, Event information).


  1. Provisional Bookings will be held for 7 Days only. After this period Elite Adventures reserves the right to alter any previous quote provided. A provisional booking should not be interpreted as forming a contract between the parties.


  1. Elite Adventures responsibility for you on the event begins at the designated Meet Point on your event itinerary. Elite Adventures takes no responsibility for getting you to the beginning of the event.


  1. By completing a booking, you consent to Elite Adventures using any media (including photographs and/or video footage) made of you during the event which may or may not encompass intellectual property rights belonging to you and that these images may be used by Elite Adventures for publicity and training purposes; including, but not limited to, websites, marketing material and in the media. If you do not wish for your image to be used you must inform Elite Adventures before the event.


  1. By completing the booking you consent to your contact information being held by us.

a. Charity events – Your name, email address and phone number will be shared with the charity of which you have opted to support. No other information will be shared with any third parties.

b. Physical events – Your information, and that of your emergency contact will be passed on to the appropriate Elite Adventures staff running the event.

15. SELF FUNDING PAYMENT OPTION – Under the Self Funding option, you must pay the balance of your challenge costs, at least 9 weeks before departure. If you book within 9 weeks of departure, the full cost should be paid at the time of booking.

CHARITY SPONSORSHIP AND MIXED FUNDRAISING OPTIONS – Under the Charity Sponsorship and Mixed Fundraising options, you must provide the Charity with 80% of the minimum sponsorship and pledges for the remaining 20% at least 10 weeks prior to the departure date of your challenge. Under the Mixed Fundraising option, you will also be required to pay your second contribution towards challenge costs no later than 9 weeks before departure. The Charity will then pay Elite Adventures your remaining challenge costs. There is no additional payment required from you to us other than for amending your booking if applicable.

FOR ALL PAYMENT OPTIONS – You are not entitled to participate in the challenge unless we have received from you or the Charity, cleared funds in respect of the registration fee, confirmation in respect of the minimum fundraising amount, and any other services that have been booked for you. We reserve the right to treat any arrangements as being cancelled by you if such payment is not received on time, and our standard cancellations charges will apply. In exceptional and unavoidable circumstances we reserve the right to request the balance of challenge costs (or a proportion of those challenge costs), prior to 9 weeks before departure. This may occur in the rare case, where a supplier requires earlier payment than standard industry terms. We will do all we can to vary the terms favourably, and if we are unsuccessful, we will let you know of the revised deadline at the earliest possible opportunity. In the event that the revised deadline requested is not met, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled, with our standard cancellation charges being applicable.

Please consider carefully which payment option you select before completing the booking form. If you wish to change
your payment option once you have booked you should request this in writing to your chosen Charity and copy in
[email protected]. If your chosen Charity agrees to your request they should in turn confirm this in
writing to [email protected]. There will be an administration charge of £10 to process your request and
this should be paid within seven days. Your payment option will only be changed once the £10 charge has been paid
and at this stage we will send a new authorisation request to your Charity.

SPONSORSHIP – Under the Self Fundraising option, there is generally no minimum sponsorship requirement, but you will be asked to raise as much as possible for your chosen Charity. If however on your chosen challenge, there is a minimum sponsorship for a self-funder, it will be detailed on the website and confirmed with your chosen charity. Under the Mixed Fundraising and Charity Fundraiser options, you may be asked to sign a professional fundraiser agreement by the Charity. If so, you must return this agreement to the Charity before they will authorise you to fundraise in their name and participate on the challenge.

You agree that unless you raise the minimum sponsorship as indicated on the website, you
will not be entitled to participate in the challenge unless you pay the balance of your challenge, travel and
accommodation costs, and the Charity confirms in writing to us that they approve you as a participant.
Generally, under the Mixed Fundraising and Charity Fundraiser options no more than 50% of your fundraising will go towards your trip costs and at least 50% will be retained by your Charity. In some exceptional cases, your Charity may ask you to raise a different amount of sponsorship than that noted on our website. In this scenario, you will have the chance to accept the Charity’s request, or choose to support a different charity.

At least 80% of the minimum sponsorship must be received by the Charity no less than 10 weeks prior to the challenge departure date. Failure to do so will mean non-participation in the challenge and forfeiture of the registration fee. You should aim to raise the remaining 20% and send it to the charity before your challenge departs, and at the very latest within four weeks of completing the challenge (unless stated otherwise by your charity). If you have successfully raised the minimum sponsorship (Mixed Fundraising and Charity Sponsorship options), the Charity will pay us the balance for your challenge arrangements. Any surplus of the sponsorship will be retained by the Charity.

You agree that you will not use the challenge to raise funds for any cause other than the Charity selected when booking.

If you cancel, or you are required to withdraw from the challenge, you will be required to send all sponsorship money
collected or received, directly to the Charity. This money will be retained by the Charity unless the sponsor has
requested that it be returned to them in the appropriate section of the sponsorship form. When fundraising you must
make it absolutely clear how much you are raising and how much of the sponsorship (under the Mixed Fundraising and Charity Sponsorship option) will contribute towards your costs. You must not start to collect sponsorship until you have received written confirmation of your booking from us. This will be your “confirmation” email and will be sent to you once you have been authorised by your Charity. All sponsorship money should be sent directly to the Charity and not to us. The sponsorship shall be treated as a donation to the Charity.

16. By confirming a booking, you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.

For any clarification please feel free to Contact Us.