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At Elite Adventures we like to do things a little differently and always have the best interests of our participants and the amazing charities we work alongside as two of our top priorities.

 In 2023 we will be launching 8 new charity open events, from favourites such as the three peaks to some brand new and exciting challenges (that can’t be found anywhere else).

These events will be completely open, which means as a charity you will not have a minimum participant target to reach. We have also created the website link, event information and advertisement posters for your social media accounts. Once your charity has registered with us, it will appear on a drop down list on all 8 events for participants to select.

Registering with us is completely FREE so you have absolutely no commitment and no pressure!

You can sign up by filling in the contact form below. Once complete, one of our team will be in contact to discuss the ins and outs and get you registered.